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about us: a glasgow-based family business making wood wick, soy wax candles.

We’re David and Shannon, brother/sister business duo in Glasgow. We’re two very different people with the same objective: (candle) world domination. If you’ve been with us from the start, you’ll know we didn’t start this company. Our awesome mum, Linda, started making candles in her kitchen for fun in early 2016. She invented our very first candle - the Amaretto Sour - as a wedding gift for David and his wife Gail, in the summer of that same year; by November, she was online and selling hundreds of candles.

Our mum is a tremendous candlemaker, but she didn’t take well to the self-employed lifestyle, and by the following year her heart wasn’t in it anymore. Enter: us! In early 2018, we jointly launched a new business to build on the success of the Neatly Wrapped Aromatics Co., to keep the products alive and bring new ones to life - and that’s where we’re at today!


Shannon, 22

I’m Shannon, animal lover with a degree in applied science with zoology. Working on becoming vegetarian. Working on it. I’m an over-emotional over-thinker and I like to think of myself as excessively respectable. As you may have guessed from David and I’s age gap, I was a bonus addition to the family; a “happy surprise”. My biggest pet peeve is unnecessary use of plastic. And I’m half of the brand new Neatly Wrapped Co! 

It’s so exciting to be stepping into a business that already has an enthusiastic tribe of supporters, and a lovely (albeit short) history in the family.


David, 32

I’m David! I’m a slightly monotonous personality, and a ludicrously optimistic businessperson. I like to listen to long podcasts about philosophy, but also pro wrestling. Right now, I’m trying to train myself to enjoy whisky and meditation. Fun fact: I am currently balding ungracefully.

Besides making and selling candles with my sister, I have a few other things going on - I’m also co-founder of Walnut Wasp, and I play music with Nick Bruce and His Blinding Lights.


We’ve now relaunched with an additional 3 fragrances in November 2018, and we know what you’re thinking – it took a year to come up with 3 new fragrances? Aye. It did. Because each fragrance was carefully considered, formulated, tested, and tested again. On top of that, we’ve spent months working on a brand that reflects our personalities whilst honouring the original brand. And, we’ve replaced our packaging with sustainable, recyclable alternatives. So we’ve not just been sitting on our arses all year.

We’re super passionate about these products - we love where they came from, and we love the potential to take them someplace really exciting. You can follow us behind the scenes on Instagram, and if you join our email list, we’ll send you the odd special offer and even access to exclusive products.