the short version:

Photography by the inimitable  Caro Weiss .

Photography by the inimitable Caro Weiss.


The Neatly Wrapped Aromatics Co. is a family business based in Glasgow, Scotland. Our origin story is actually pretty cool! 

So here's the short version - I'm David, and I got married in the summer of 2016 to my wife Gail. As a wedding gift, my mum Linda made a batch of bespoke home-made candles for us, to give out as favours and to actually light in the room and make the wedding smell awesome. She made the candles and Gail, a graphic designer by day, designed the packaging, with help from Daisy Bisley. They were Amaretto Sour candles - that's because the first drink that Gail and I shared on our first official date was an amaretto sour, at the Black Sparrow on Charing Cross, Glasgow. 

And basically, that Amaretto Sour candle became our first product, and it's still my favourite. 

Our candles are made at home in small batches, from 100% organic soy wax. We use wood wicks because they crackle and it's really fun to listen to! We don't sell stock fragrances - we make our own, and we keep a small range. Everything we sell is handmade, hand-packaged, hand-tied. How it works, basically, is this: if you've bought a candle from us (thanks very much!), then the chances are my mum hand-made it, and I was probably involved in how it got sold to you. 

We've launched with six fragrances - three Christmas ones, and three cocktail ones. We'll be expanding that product range modestly throughout 2017, keeping the emphasis on musky, distinctive and arresting fragrances. We also offer a bespoke fragrance design service, for less than you'd think - perfect for companies creating a bespoke gift for clients (we'll do a blog soon on our special Fire Edition candles that we made for Highland Park Whisky), and also for wedding clients who want to create personalised favours, or who want to make their wedding smell awesome!