How We Got Started: A Brief History of Neatly Wrapped Co.


Hi! I'm David, and I'm one of the co-owners of Neatly Wrapped Co along with my sister Shannon. And if you know us personally, you’ll know that there was an incarnation of the business that came before us which was owned by our mum Linda! This is the story of how our mum originally got started selling hand-poured wood wick candles, made in our family home on the outskirts of Glasgow. 

So - I got married in the summer of 2016 to my wife Gail, and this is kind of where the story starts. Our wedding was at Drygate Brewery in Glasgow, and our awesome photographer Caro Weiss has kindly allowed us to reproduce a few of the photos here. It was awesome, and it looked like this!


As a wedding gift, my mum Linda made a batch of bespoke home-made candles for us, to give out as favours and to actually light in the room and make the wedding smell awesome. She made the candles and Gail, a graphic designer, designed the packaging, with help from Daisy Bisley. The favours looked like this:


They were Amaretto Sour candles - that's because the first drink that Gail and I shared on our first official date was an amaretto sour, at the Black Sparrow on Charing Cross, Glasgow. And the candles were a big hit! The place smelled awesome, and the favours looked amazing. Our guests tell us that when they smell that candle, they think of our wedding. That's really, really cool to think about!


For years prior, my mum had been creating bespoke candles and experimenting with different waxes, different wicks, refining fragrances and mastering scent throw. But we'd never really packaged them up or branded them. Nor did we really understand how well people would actually respond to them. It was only when we were packaging up the candles for the wedding, ready to put them on the tables, that we realised that we had a kickass product already created and designed, just sitting there doing nothing. And with that, The Neatly Wrapped Aromatics Co. was snuck onto the blackboard below, and officially launched! 

Nowadays, auld Linda is out of the candlemaking game, and we’ve formed a new company and redesigned all of the packaging to carry forward the original business with a new direction. She still helps us to invent our new products, and burn-tests everything, and she still makes the odd candle for a bit of fun on the side. We’d be nowhere without her - her original vision is the reason we’re in the candle business, and her six original products are still on sale today.


You can see loads more of David and Gail's wedding, with candles flickering in the background, on Caro's blog.