6 Reasons to Buy Your Dad a Candle for Father’s Day


You might have read some of our previous blogs, usually they’re (hopefully) helpful gift guides or tips. But today we’re gonna toot our own horn. We actually think our candles are pretty great and we’ve come up with a list of reasons you should buy one/some for Father’s Day gifting. I don’t want to stereotype all Dads when going through the list, but it might seem like I am. I guess the reasons apply to the “typical dad”.  So, if that’s what you have then read on cause he really needs a Neatly Wrapped Co. candle.


1. So we’re on the first reason and I’m finding it hard to avoid stereotypes and I can’t figure out a way around this one, so I’ll just come out and say it. Dads are the ones that take the bins out. It’s a dad job. They put the house recycling systems in place and they love it. They crack up when there’s a can in the normal bin or a teabag in the recycling (for obvious reasons). So imagine how much he’ll enjoy recycling every piece of packaging from his gift into the appropriate recycling bins.


2. Candles are relaxing. And you know who needs to relax? Your dad. Dads are stressed af - probably because you can’t crack the recycling system. What better way is there to alleviate stress than to dim the lights and burn a candle? Um, dim the lights and burn a woodwick candle that makes a crackling sound that’s totally calming and beautiful. You know it.

3. Not only can you relax and alleviate stress by burning candles, you can increase concentration too. Dads are super important people and need to be able to focus on important dad stuff, so if he has an awesome candle to burn he’ll probably morph right into the best possible version of himself.

These beautiful photos kindly sent in by  Ashley Baxter .

These beautiful photos kindly sent in by Ashley Baxter.


4. You’d also be giving the gift of nostalgia. Your nose is a time machine, we associate all kinds of smells with events, eras or people. I know that when I smell our amaretto sour candle I think of David and Gail’s wedding, and loads of their wedding guests tell them the same thing. How great would it be to give your dad something that takes him back to a special time in his life?

5. Our fragrances aren’t particularly feminine. Men and women alike love our fragrances cause they’re just good old awesome. There’s no “girly fragrances” for him to turn his nose up at (no pun intended). That said, our fireside whisky candle tends to be more popular with men. It’s kind of accidentally become our go-to masculine fragrance. And it’s stunning.


6. They’re just hella stylish. No frills - just clean, classy bronze decor that’s super minimal and tasteful. He’ll love it.

So let’s say you do get your dad one of our candles for Father’s Day, maybe he won’t like it. That’s actually the best case scenario because then you get to keep it for yourself, but you’ve still fulfilled your obligation to gift him for Father’s Day. You are welcome.

Shannon McGinty