Awesome Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Gifts You Can Still Order in the UK


So, we know a lot of our customers are in love with the ol’ environment and somesuch. And we thought it’d be super handy to put together a wee blog post with Valentine’s gift ideas for men or women, that show love to your human Valentine, but also this whole planet. Everything on this list is either eco-friendly, or plastic-free, or in some other way environmentally forward-thinking; if you’re looking for gift ideas that are both romantic and environmentally friendly, then hopefully this will help you out!

First on our list, Neatly Wrapped Co., duh. What’s more romantic than a friggin’ candle? Candle lit dinner isn’t a cliche for nothing. We obviously, humbly think all of our candles are really great, and there’s money off all of them just now, but we think the biggest aphrodisiacs are our three cocktail fragrances: Amaretto Sour, Gold Rum Mojito, and Fireside Whisky. We hate plastic - and so our product, right down to the tape we package it in for postage, is plastic free and fully recyclable. We use organic soy wax and the wick crackles when it burns. Our last guaranteed date for Valentine’s delivery is February 12th at noon, but you can arrange to collect your order from The Whisky Bond, 2 Dawson Road, Glasgow, G4 9SS from the 12th-14th if you get in touch in advance.


For your Valentine’s meal if you’re in Glasgow (like us!), you could try and get a table at Soul Food Kitchen. Based in Finnieston, this vegan restaurant is to die for. Unless you’re an animal, I guess. Anyway, they’ve got a set Valentine’s menu (which includes vegan steak, yum!) to make it easy, and we suspect they’re gonna fill up fast. So you should check them out immediately. What ya waiting for?

Staying on the topic of food, there’s some real cool food and booze hampers on The Goodness Project. There’s loads of “free from” options, including vegan and gluten free, as well as fairtrade chocolates, and most importantly: almond milk Baileys. If you’re really lazy, they have a Vegan Valentine’s Hamper, perfect for your vegan Valentine. Try saying that fast a few times. If you’re really really lazy, they got cards too, it’s kinda like a one stop shop for all your Valentine’s needs. Delivery is 2-3 working days on most of their hampers, so get on it now!

If you’ve not got time to order, or you want to keep it local, or you just want some really special handmade chocolates, check out Temper Chocolates. Based in Hidden Lane, Finnieston, you can get all kinds of unique flavours of chocolate. This chocolatier takes massive pride in her creations, she even infuses some of the chocolate with home-grown lavender. Truffles are also available, which I also prefer to regular chocolate bars - not that this stuff is anything like regular. Their Uber bars are amaze!

Fulfilled Plastic Free Shop is full of plastic free alternatives that you just never even thought of. You name it they’ve got it. You can get all of your eco-friendly every-day necessities here, as well as some gorgeous beauty gifts. I really love this shaving set for the eco-friendly man in your life. They have loads of lovely skin care gifts like scrubs, lotions and balms. They sell candles too. I’m sure they’re fine. Whatever. They offer Royal Mail First Class delivery, so you might actually manage to make Valentine’s Day a hit even if you’ve left it ‘til the last minute!

No Plastic Shop is a similarly appealing plastic-free emporium, but what stands out to me is their yoga products. The yoga products stocked are by Jade Yoga, who plant a tree for every product sold. Their products are, of course, plastic free. If you know someone who could just go wild on this site, you could just get them a gift card. Again, you have a first class postage option if you need it.

Okay, next, we’ve all heard of them and we all love them. Lush are just the epitome of goodness. Cruelty free, 100% vegetarian, also carrying a totally vegan range. They’ve loads of “naked” products, i.e. completely packaging free, and other products come in recycled containers. They’ll even take your evil plastic bottle caps (which can’t be recycled at kerbside) off you at your local store (if you’re Glasgow based, there’s one on Sauchiehall Street and one on Buchanan Street) and recycle them into Lush packaging. You should go in store anyway to test out their products and get the expert advice rather than buy online. They also have a spa in Edinburgh, which you can buy vouchers for in store. I’ve heard only amazing things and can’t wait to try it out for myself.

You may or may not have heard of Love Jamila UK. They launched just before Christmas like us, but unlike us they have loads of followers and sold lots of products. But whatever, they’re good guys. You might also know them as Jamie and Camilla from Love Island 2017 - they’re still going strong, they are not responding to adoption requests. Their gift sets look pretty cracking for Valentine’s gifts - the packaging is 100% plastic free and recyclable, and their lovely beauty products are natural and cruelty free. And to make them even more likeable, 10% of their profits go towards helping refugees in Europe and the Middle East. Kind to everyone.

Right. Getting to the really interesting stuff now. Protect the Planet sell the most marvellously random range of products made from recycled materials. We’re talking cufflinks made from recycled circuit boards, handbags made from recycled fire hoses, and way more weird and wonderful stuff. You can also get your hands on loads of cool energy saving products, and read their blogs on upcycling, gardening, wildlife and reducing food waste.

That last one was awesome, and it was a toss up between that and this for my favourite: Batoko! They sell swimwear made from 100% recycled plastic. And they donate from their profits to the Marine Conservation Society. They use recycled and compostable packaging for their products, as well as print their vibrant swimwear responsibly and non-toxically. I adore everything these guys stand for. And the designs are just so friggin’ cute.

David McGinty