our candles SMELL GOOD. LET's not overthink this.

We are The Neatly Wrapped Aromatics Co., a small family candle business in Glasgow, Scotland. We hand-pour beautiful, creamy soy wax candles, with wood wicks, and we saturate them with original fragrances of our own invention. And then we cool them off and let them harden, and exchange them for money - hopefully yours! 

Our candles have wood wicks, which means they crackle like a log fire when they're lit. They're made with completely organic and sustainable soy wax, then fragranced with premium quality fragrance oils - and that's it. No dyes, no paraffin. Some of our fragrance oils do contain allergens - please don't hesitate to get in touch directly with any queries. Happy shopping! 

get in touch. 


We do other stuff besides make the same six candles over and over again. We design fragrances and make bespoke candles that are exclusive to you - for weddings in some cases (that's how we got started), or for companies (like Highland Park Whisky!) to give away as prizes, etc. 

So - if that sounds like it's your bag, then get in touch. Or, if it's not, then get in touch anyway - we like to chat!