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100% plastic free, sustainable vegan candle gifts

I know we sort of go on about this a lot, but it’s super important: our candles are vegan, sustainable, plastic free, paraffin-free, and ultimately recyclable - from the packaging we use to mail it out, to the tin you’re left with when your candle is sadly all used up! They’re hand-poured right here in the UK and we only ship within the UK. Here’s details about our products and our approach.

The wax

Soy wax is an organic, natural and sustainable material, and we love it just the way it is. We use responsibly sourced soy wax, and except for generously saturating the wax with our high quality fragrance oils, we add nothing artificial to the wax: no dyes, no colouring agents, and absolutely no paraffin. The candles therefore have a natural, creamy colour, sometimes with a hint of the natural shade of the oil.

We’ve always been all about the soy, but in 2018, we switched to a beautiful new soy wax, with a smoother, creamier texture and improved hot throw fragrance compared to our earlier products. It’s just as natural as before, with a beautiful new finish.

The product

Our flagship candle products are all wood wick candles in tinplate containers, and at the end of life, they can be recycled at kerbside - though there’s an extra step involved in getting them ready for the recycling bin. Like any tin product, the tins need to be cleaned out so they’re not contaminated prior to recycling. If possible, you should decant the liquified wax - which will of course be hot, so be careful - into something safe to place in your regular household waste, and then break off the bottom of the wood wick when the wick and the candle container cools. This process obviously involves some risks, so please do so in full knowledge that all of the elements involved here will be very hot, and plan accordingly.

New for 2018: our previous tins had a recessed window lid which contained plastic. No good. Now, our tins are bespoke and made to order, and are a beautiful shade of deep bronze with just a trace of rose gold and copper - no window lid, and no plastic.

We are happy to say that all of our products are vegan, and absolutely nothing we use has ever been tested on animals.

The packaging

Our core product packaging has always been 100% recycled paper stock, and so it continues. We’re now packaging our candles with a beautiful, minimalist card sleeve made from Cyclus, a world-leading recycled paper stock.

New for 2018: our mail packaging now uses protective corrugated recycled card instead of bubble wrap, and we’re now using plastic-free tape to bind the packages. That’s right, we’re not even touching sellotape.

The cost

Being sustainable ain’t necessarily cheap. The cost of developing all-bespoke packaging and tins in order to go plastic-free, and in transitioning to our beautiful new soy wax with increased hot scent throw without resorting to paraffin blends, has undoubtedly raised the cost of production considerably. Even at the increased price point of £15 per candle, our margins have reduced significantly on the previous version of the product that we sold.

The fear is of course that this trade-off makes us both less competitive and less profitable, in an already saturated market. Hopefully that’s not the case, but in any event, it’s a risk we think is worth taking - making the cheaper product at a more competitive price and a better margin would undoubtedly improve sales in the short term, but we’re in this for the long haul, and so you gotta start how you mean to go on.